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Puberty Education

  • Personal Hygiene: 4th-8th GradesStudents will be able to identify where bad breath originates, causes of body odor, how to prevent body odor and bad breath, recognize the importance of bathing daily. Students will also learn how to care for their skin, hair, and nails, identify causes of acne, and understand how a proper diet is related to skin health.
  • Girls/Boys Only: 4th-6th grades video program and presentation: Specially designed for girls and boys, the Always Changing Puberty Education Program helps educators teach the important topics of puberty and development. The program has been reviewed by the American Association for Health Education (AAHE).
  • Girls/Boys Puberty the Great Adventure video program 5th-7th grades:  Students learn about the great adventure they’re now facing during puberty.  Shot on location at a racially mixed Junior High school – honest, yet tasteful interviews with puberty-aged teens discuss individual journeys through puberty.  Experts also clearly explain the changes.  Other locations include an MTV-styled set, shopping mall, jungle, and busy traffic area.  From physical body changes to hygiene, and emotions to myths, it’s all addressed in this series. This program contains NO references to Intercourse or STD’s due to the target age groups.  Choose gender specific (Guys or Girls) or mixed audience (Guys and Girls).

Healthy Body Image

Each lesson contains background information, a discussion guide, experiential activities and handouts. Students learn to appreciate inner strengths rather than appearance, gain historical perspective on today’s body image attitudes, understand weight gain during puberty, become aware of the dangers of dieting, develop incentives for healthy eating and an active lifestyle, and consider their choice of role models.

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