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Take Charge of Your Health Workshop

Did you know that nearly 1 in 2 Americans live with a chronic health condition? It is not uncommon for people to live with two or more chronic conditions.

Chronic conditions are complicated and tend to change over time. Our doctor provides a treatment plan for us, but we are ultimately responsible for managing our condition. It is hard work and can be overwhelming. How we live everyday affects our symptoms, our health and our quality of life.

Take Charge of Your Health is a six-week workshop that can give you some of the tools you need to manage your chronic health condition. It provides a safe environment to practice these skills. It allows us the opportunity to identify our own barriers to success and helps us to create plans to eliminate these barriers. Each week we learn about a different topic such as nutrition, sleep, pain, fatigue, and medications.

The workshop series runs one day a week for six weeks. Each week the group meets for 2 ½ hours with planned breaks and time for questions. The workshop is fun and interactive. We celebrate our successes which helps us to build confidence around managing health, staying active and enjoying life.

Family and friends are welcome to attend the workshop.

The workshop was designed by Stanford University. It is funded by the Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland and sponsored by the Macoupin County Public Health Department. The workshop is offered at various locations throughout Macoupin County with the generous help of area businesses.