Macoupin County Safe Families – Ending Violence Begins at Home

Domestic violence is destructive and can be both physical or psychological. It can affect anyone of any age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. It may include behaviors meant to scare, physically harm, or control a partner. While every relationship is different, domestic violence generally involves an unequal power dynamic in which one partner tries to assert control over the other in a variety of ways. Examples include insults and threats, emotional abuse, and sexual coercion. Victims experience diminished self-worth, anxiety, depression, and a general sense of helplessness that can take time and often professional help to overcome.

Domestic violence is a crime and punishable by law. If you answer yes to any other following questions you may be a victim of domestic violence. Does my partner…

  • Hit, Slap, Shove, Kick, or Restrain Me?
  • Threaten to hurt me?
  • Call me names or insult me?
  • Become jealous if I talk or go places with other people?
  • Always have to know my whereabouts?
  • Blame alcohol or drugs as the reason for becoming angry and losing control?
  • Touch me without my permission or force me to have sex against my will?
  • Threaten to commit suicide if I leave the relationship?
  • Am I afraid of my partner? Do I avoid seeing friends and family because I’m afraid my partner will get angry?

Safe Families Program offers the following confidential services:

  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Referral Services
  • Prevention and Education

Emergency Information

  • If you have been the victim of violence and need immediate assistance, call 9-1-1 or your local police department.
  • If you need more information, support, or emergency shelter, call 1-888-259-6364 or 1-217-415-4610
  • If you need immediate medical attention, contact your family physician or the emergency hospital nearest you.
  • If the police have been summoned to your home and you wish to report the incident but do not wish to press charges, call the hotline about seeking legal information 1-888-259-6364 or 1-217-415-4610

To Press Charges

  • Request that the officer at the scene file a police report.
  • Have photos of the injuries taken while they are most visible.
  • Contact the State’s Attorney about filing charges.

Safe Families Program Hotline 1-888-259-6364

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