MCPHD offers a full range of pediatric and adult vaccinations. We do not provide travel vaccines (yellow fever, typhoid, malaria prevention), rabies vaccination, or immune globulin. Macoupin County Public Health Department participates in the Vaccine for Children program. For more information about the Vaccine for Children program, visit the CDC web page at http://www.cdc.gov/features/vfcprogram/. MCPHD will bill Medicaid for immunizations and will bill Medicare for influenza and pneumonia vaccinations. Individuals not covered by Medicaid and not eligible to receive Vaccine for Children vaccine will be charged a fee for vaccination. The fee is based on the cost of the vaccine plus a $10.00 administration fee. Click here to view the fee schedule.

For more information about immunizations visit www.immunize.org For information on specific Vaccine Preventable Disease or vaccinations go to http://www.immunize.org/vis/ and choose the specific disease or vaccine you are interested in. Click here to view the recommended immunizations for babies.

Immunizations are offered by appointment only at the Morgan Street Clinic, 1115 E Morgan Street in Carlinville (217) 854-3692 and at the Maple Street Clinic located at 109 E Maple Street in Gillespie (217) 839-1526.  A full range of child and adult vaccinations (Vaccines Provided document) are offered. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Arrangements may be made for another adult to bring your children. Specific forms must be completed by the parent. Please complete these forms for children below the age of 18 before coming to the clinic. Adults ages 18+ need to complete these forms before coming to the vaccination clinic.


  • Children – Children eligible for the Vaccine for Children Program (birth through 18 years of age and covered by Medicaid, uninsured, insured but not for vaccinations, or American Indian, or American Eskimo) will receive vaccines provided by the state. A $10.00 per vaccine administration fee will be requested. Vaccination will not be denied for inability to pay the administration fee. Medicaid will be billed.
  • Charges for vaccinations for children not covered by the Vaccine for Children Program will be based on the cost of the vaccine plus a $10.00 administration fee. Not all vaccines are available.
  • Adults – Vaccines provided to adults are purchased by the Health Department. Charges are determined by the purchased price of the vaccine at the time of our purchase. Cash and checks accepted. No debit or credit cards. Some adult vaccines can be billed to Medicaid, some cannot. Medicare will be billed for influenza and pneumonia vaccines.