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6th Grade: Draw the Line Respect the Line:  curriculum includes five lessons that primarily focus on limit-setting and refusal skills in non-sexual situations, healthy relationships and the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication.

7th Grade: Draw the Line Respect the Line: curriculum includes five lessons that shift the focus on to risky situations; students learn about the consequences associated with sexual intercourse and are encouraged to set limits regarding sex.  Introduction to STDs. Students are also taught intra and interpersonal skills designed to help them maintain limits and respect the limits of others. Assertive communication of personal boundaries is focused on as well.

8th Grade: Draw the Line Respect the Line: curriculum includes five lessons.  These lessons develop students’ practical skills; in them, student practice refusal skills in dating contexts.  Lessons are highly interactive and involve a diversity of activities, including small and large-group discussions, paired and small-group skill practices, stories, and individual activities. Students will be able to identify STDs and their consequences. Assertive communication of personal boundaries is incorporated as well.

9th-12th: Being a Responsible Teen (BART): Teens learn to clarify their own values about sexual decisions and pressures as well as practice skills to reduce sexual risk-taking. These include correct condom use, assertive communication, refusal techniques, self-management, and problem solving. Also, abstinence is woven throughout the curriculum and is discussed as the best way to prevent HIV infection and pregnancy.

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