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TB (Tuberculosis) Testing

 We're experiencing a shortage of TB skin tests at our Carlinville location. If you require a TB skin test, please CALL before coming in to our facility as we do not want you to waste a trip. 217-854-3223 ext. 227

Tuberculosis Skin Testing is available by appointment.  Both one step and two step testing is available.  Testing is provided for those needing TB skin testing for work and for those needing testing because of exposure to tuberculosis.  An individual being tested must be available to have the test read 48-72 hours later (one step) or 1 week later (two step). The cost is $10.00 per test.

 Tuberculosis Evaluation and Treatment is available for those with a positive skin test, exposure to an individual with active tuberculosis, or active tuberculosis.  A physician is available monthly to see patients in a tuberculosis clinic setting.

 To make an appointment for Tb skin testing call 217-854-3223, ext 227 or 238.

 For more information about tuberculosis testing and treatment go to