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Requirements for Opening


The following requirements/recommendations listed below would bring your facility into compliance with the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code.



  •        Maintain hot foods above 140 Fahrenheit and cold foods below 41 Fahrenheit


  •         Wash hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap at the appropriate times


  •         Provide a hand sink in the food preparation area and keep it accessible to allow use at all times


  •         Provide soap and paper towels at the hand sinks


  •         Obtain and post a Certified Food Manager certificate


  •         Provide a metal stem thermometer from 0-220 Fahrenheit to take hot or cold food temperatures


  •         Provide thermometers in all refrigeration and freezer units


  •         Provide and maintain smooth, easily cleanable wall, floor and ceiling surfaces


  •         Minimize hand contact with foods by using utensils, gloves, or deli tissue


  •         Properly thaw foods in the refrigerator, under cool running water, or in the microwave (if preparing the food immediately afterwards)


  •         Provide self-closing and tight fitting doors at all outside exits


  •         Provide a three compartment sink large enough to accommodate the largest pot that is required to be properly washed, rinsed and sanitized


  •         Provide drain boards on the sides of the three compartment sink to allow stacking of dirty and clean dishes to be air dried


  •         Maintain an air gap (indirect plumbing) at the three compartment sink and at the ice machine


  •         Provide a sanitizing solution for wiping cloths


  •         Obtain a chemical test kit to test the concentration of sanitizer


  •         Properly store chemicals away from food products and food contact surfaces


  •         Wear proper hair restraints (hat, visor, or hair net)


  •         Remove unnecessary items


  •         Provide a mop sink or utility sink to properly dispose of mop water


  •         Provide adequate lighting and shield lights where open food is present


  •         Provide a self-closing door at the restrooms


  •         Provide a covered waste can in the restroom


  •         Keep dumpsters closed and the outside area free of debris



 If you need additional information please contact the Environmental Health office at 217-839-4101.