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Macoupin County Public Health Department’s

Response to Public Health Emergencies


Strategic National Stockpile

 The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is a system of secure warehouses located throughout the United States. During a public health emergency, the SNS will provide the medication and supplies needed to protect Macoupin Countyresidents.

MCPHD has plans in place to receive and dispense SNS medication and supplies for the entire Macoupin Countypopulation.

For more information regarding the SNS, Click Here


Point Of Dispensing Sites

 Facilities have been identified in Macoupin County to serve as Point Of Dispensing (POD) Sites during a public health emergency which requires the dispensing of SNS medication and supplies.

Macoupin County residents will be notified of the location of these POD Sites and hours of operation at the time of a public health emergency.


 Functional Needs

 MCPHD is responsible for developing plans to provide SNS medication and supplies to all Macoupin County residents, including residents with functional needs.

Adults and children with Functional needs are those who have a physical, cognitive, emotional, or sensory impairment (deafness, blindness, etc.) who require additional resources and assistance before, during or after a county-wide emergency or disaster. This would also include those people that use service animals for assistance. Also included are Non-English speaking individuals without transportation or homebound individuals.

MCPHD has started a Functional Needs Registry to better identify community needs and resources required to meet every need.


For more information regarding Functional Needs Planning or the Registry, call 214-839-4111 or 217-839-4103 or check out the Functional Needs Planning Brochure .


Ways We Will Communicate

 During a public health emergency, MCPHD will communicate important information to Macoupin County residents through the use of local radio stations, newspapers, the MCPHD Facebook page, and the MCPHD website.

It will be important to continually check for current information during the entire public health response.

Macoupin County residents will also be able to ask questions by calling the MCPHD Office at 214-839-4111 or 217-839-4103.


Items You Will Need to Have

 In the event that MCPHD offers SNS medication and supplies through POD Sites, Macoupin County residents will be required to bring the following items:


  •    Proof of existence of every member of the household
  •    Medical History for every member of the household


Keep in mind that residents may be in line or within a facility for an extended period of time. Residents should account for any personal equipment and supplies needed.