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The Environmental Health Division conducts the Food Service and Retail Food Sanitation Program. The program is one of the four core programs that are funded by the local health protection grant from the state of Illinois. The Food Service and Retail Food Sanitation Program was initiated in 1982 when the Macoupin County Public Health Department was formed. The purpose of the program is to prevent food borne illness and assure food safety to the general public.

The Environmental Health staff conducts unannounced inspections based on risk assessment.

Class I establishments are fraternal organizations, seasonal operations, and bars or gas stations or preschools with only prepackaged foods are inspected 1 time a year.

Class II establishments such as Casey’s, gas stations with food preparation, and retail grocery stores are inspected 2 times a year and required to have a full time employee be a certified food manager.

Class III establishments such as hospitals, large restaurants, caterers, senior nutrition centers, schools and retail deli’s are inspected 3 times a year and required to have a certified food manager present at all times during food preparation.

Temporary food events that are 2 or more days are also permitted and inspected.

  • Complaints and possible food borne illness cases are investigated.
  • Plans for new or remodeling establishments are reviewed.
  • Re-inspections and consultations are also conducted.
  • The 15 hour course to become a certified food manager and the 5-hour refresher course are offered through the University of Illinois. Call 854-9604 for more information.

The number of complaints and consultations from the public shows they are more aware of food safety issues and wants their concerns addressed in a timely manner.

If you have questions regarding this program please contact the Environmental Health Division at 217-839-4101.